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November 14, 2012 by empraise

Stashing his fake iPad in his Korean car

My son LOVES the iPad.  I mean le encanta. We even gave him his own pretend iPad made out of an iPad cover.  He carries it around, hugs it, and smiles at it.  I know that this is one reality of the world I am raising him in: he will grow up reading books on it, using it for communication, media, etc.  At this point, I’m not sure whether he loves it most because it lights up and interacts with him, or because he sees Mamá love it so much!  Either way, I know it is useless to try to quitarla completamente de su vida.  To get rid of it completely from his life.  He is growing up in the iGeneration!  So, instead, my goal is to keep the iPad (and other “screen time activities”) as a reward.  Something special.  Something extra fun.  We need this sometimes, like when he has to do a breathing treatment, or hold ice on a bruise, or something else unpleasant.  We need it on days when Mamá está harta.  And needing a teeny tiny break.  My second goal is to make it an opportunity for him to hear and read Spanish (or German).

So here are some great bilingual iPad resources we have discovered so far:

  • iCharacter books.  These are cute little illustrated books available en Español that are geared toward children under 7 and that broach topics like manners, nutrition, or faith.  My mother-in-law who is an elementary school reading teacher is actually the one who showed me this site.  You can go to their website or get the app. They also offer some of their books for free.
  • Cute Cards (Cute Baby Flash Cards) app: The lite version only offers animals, but for a dollar or so you can upgrade to other categories as well.  Available in many languages.  The drawings are simple, and you can also “play” like a movie and hear each word and sound.  M is fascinated by these and I love that I can easily offer him Spanish or German.
  • Bilingual Baby App: Similar to that above.  Only I like that the cards are made with photographs instead of drawings.  Makes them more realistic.
  • Google Translate App:  Okay I know this isn’t a children’s app, but I use it ALL THE TIME to grab vocabulary that I don’t know off the top of my head.
  • RAEplus App: (Real Academia Española) A more thorough dictionary for when I need to really dig into the meaning of a word.  I love that it also has daily words that it offers you when you open the app.  Comes with a thesaurus too.

I am looking for more!  What are some of your favorite bilingual iPad Apps/eBooks/etc??


3 thoughts on “iPad Resources

  1. Sonja Olivier says:

    Ah so sweet can just see him sitting around the house with his electronics!!! The most adorable little boy and mommy and daddy in the world. Lots of hugs and kisses from SA!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I like Word Reference as a dictionary…I think it’s gives better explanations than other translators. And they have good discussions for lots of phrases/idioms.

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