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April 24, 2013 by empraise

ImageHaving spent most of the past month with English-speaking family, it goes without saying that Little M is picking up English words right and left.  Actually, he seems to be in a language spurt right now and has started parroting too, though many of the words he parrots don’t seem to be “saved” in his memory for later.  But his pronunciation and experimentation with sounds and vocabulary is so fun to watch as it unfolds.  New words include “airplane”, “popcorn” & “dark”.  He continues to be obsessed with buses (English) and baggers (German for excavator).


It is interesting to note that his pronunciation of two German words milch and buch has now morphed into a very distinctly English pronunciation: “milk” and “book”.  It will be interesting to see if it switches back after the majority English influences are gone.  I was also amazed to see how quickly he picked up the little Korean game of naming the parts of his face that his Korean-American Grandmother played with him.  Kids are such fast learners!


We have been using a lot more English with him lately, even away from the extended family.  It is easy to get into habits of speaking English as a family, which for us is actually not a bad thing, especially since it is our only common language among the three of us.

My Spanish Skype lessons have unfortunately gone the way of the buffalo this past month with family in town and Little M in the hospital with pneumonia for five days.  I have a lesson scheduled for this week and look forward to spending some time with a native speaker!

Also…side note…I am in LOVE with Pocoyo!  It’s available en español and auf Deutsch!  We had been enjoying Dora la Exploradora while Little M had breathing treatments, but the 5 nights in the hospital afforded us lots of opportunities for screen time and now he is in love with “Pococo” as he calls him.  The character is an adorable toddler and I really like the simple, demonstrative narration and the way they incorporate music so well into the script.  The characters are likeable and the plot is slow enough (and episodes short enough) for a toddler to follow.



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