Story Time

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April 30, 2013 by empraise


Little M and his Grandpa reading together

Little M and his Grandpa reading together

I fell in love with The Jesus Storybook Bible when our church in Houston gave us a copy at Little M’s baby dedication ceremony.  It’s colorful language is fun to read, the stories stick close to the Biblical text and each story points to Jesus…even those from the “Old Testament”  So, you can imagine my elation when I discovered there is a BILINGUAL version available!  Biblia Para Niños: Historia de Jesús.  I ordered a copy and Little M and I have been enjoying reading it every morning while he drinks his bottle.  It has been fantastic for many reasons:

1) Hearing stories from God’s Word is great day to start out the day!

2) The language is coloquial enough that I am learning new vocabulary all the time

3) My very wiggly toddler will sit still for approximately 7 minutes and snuggle with me while I read to him.

When I say I am learning new vocabulary, I truly mean NEW vocabulary.  Some of these words and phrases I have never heard before and need to look up, whereas others I can gather the meaning from the word or the context.  For example, this morning’s story  about the shepherds visiting Jesus contained this new vocabulary for me:

  • Bóveda (de los cielos) = Vault (vaulted heavens…also could be Bóveda celeste)
  • Reflector = spot light
  • No escatimar esfuerzo = pull out all the stops, spare no effort
  • Entonen = sing (in tune…used for more solemn music e.g. hymns)
  • Ladera = hillside
  • Desarrapado/desharrapado = raggedy
  • Don nadie = a “nobody” (as in, to be a nobody)
  • Chusma mugrosa = dirty “riff raff”
  • Fogata = camp fire
  • Disparado (Corriendo Disparado) = hastily (darting?)
  • Aleteo= wing beat
  • Empedrada (calles empedradas) = Cobbled (cobble streets)
  • Mesón = Inn
  • Cerco = fence
  • Establo = stable

I’m actually humbled by how many words are new to me every day!  I should do this exercise of writing the out more often!


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