New Chapter:


September 3, 2013 by empraise

I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post but it’s time.  Maybe I’ll save the deeper discussion for later when I have had a chance to process through my thoughts as I write them down.

God has brought us to a new chapter in life.  My husband has taken a new job in a new city in Korea which means our “1 year adventure” is turning into a total of 3-4 years in Korea.

This has repercussions on our language choices but I’m not sure what that will look like yet.  Big M and I are discussing and mostly I am just mulling things around in my head and experimenting with English and Spanish (and Korean) with Little M.


Another big milestone is Little M’s birthday–he just turned two this past week.  We had a “Hungry Hungry Caterpillar” Party and used all three copies of the book “Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt” and “La Oruga Muy Hambrient”.  Fun and easy party theme 🙂  But this milestone just reminds us of how much he is changing and developing each day–His language skills are skyrocketing.  It is that time in life when he is parroting everything we say, which is awesome, scary, exciting, and challenging.  We started keeping a vocabulary list for him around 20 months and at that time his word breakdown was approximately 49 words as follows:

  • 12 Spanish
  • 16 German
  • 21English

This month, we picked up with recording again and how his totals are astounding.  After 6 weeks in the US, Little M’s English was going through the roof.  I was also beginning to question what the future held in terms of languages for our family, and so have backed off some on the Spanish (more on this in a post later this week).  So at 24 months old Little M has about 130 words in his vocabulary:

  • 27 in Spanish
  • 29 in German
  • 68 in English
  • AND…about 4 words in Korean 🙂

The gap is widening!  As we knew it would.  But it is truly amazing how many words he has added in just four months.  I know we haven’t even recorded all his words because we can’t keep track of them all and that this kind of language increase is completely normal but I am just impressed with toddler’s brains!

He is also now putting together little sentences like “Mama’s turn”, “Open it”, “I did it” etc.

So the big question I will write more about later is: “Should we continue with three languages (two non-native) at home, even as a fourth (Korean) is filtering in more and more?”


6 thoughts on “New Chapter:

  1. Pat Bills says:

    Sure miss you guys. Glad you are well:) So thankful for all the good memories we shared!

    • empraise says:

      Us too! Just thinking of yall this week! Monty still has his “key to the church” you gave us all on his key ring 🙂 Yall always hold a special place in our hearts and HOCC will always be a home for us.

  2. Kathy Blair says:

    Have you watched the talk on children learning languages? It is an interesting and researched based talk. I think Michael’s ability to learn languages is BEST at this age. A local family has French parents who also speak Farsi. The children learned all three with ease. When Anthony was young he would mix them together to make one sentence. This was interesting, because Mom told me the sentence was usually a grammatically correct sentence even though it was spoken in the three languages.
    I think the theme for your party sure was a cute idea. I bet the kids had lots of fun!

  3. Diane Packer says:

    I didn’t know you were in Korea!! Amazing to me the world travelers you all are. So thankful to see pictures of that precious little boy we all prayed for. He is so precious!! Know you all are loved. Blessings!

    • empraise says:

      Yes! He IS a precious gift from God…just telling a friend the other day about how you and Donna stood in faith with me and prayed for me to be a mama 😉 Love you.

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