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A couple of native English-speakers, living in Korea, speaking Spanish and German to our son.   Read more about our adventure here.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Diana says:

    Hi, this is Diana, a Spanish mum who is raising her 5 year old girl in English ( both her dad and I are Spanish native speakers) So we are doing the same thing as you guys but the other way round! I have been writing about this a lot, I used to have a blog, but not anymore. I have just discovered this blog. I notice you have not updated for a while, sometimes life is busy and bloggin requires time. Anyway, congratulations. If you want to send me an email, please feel free! Hasta luego!

    • empraise says:

      Wow! Thank you so much Diana for your comment. Way to go on raising a Bilingual hija! I have been terrible about updating, you are right! And mostly that is because we have pretty much fallen by the wayside on the Spanish. When we moved to another city in Korea (with a longer-term time table) it became clear that we wanted to focus more on English. As soon as I opened the faucet a little on English, it quickly became a flood that drowned out any Spanish in Little M. Big M continued with him with German for about two years after that, but now that our second has been born (about a year ago we had a little girl), even that has dropped off. We still read some and watch some TV in both languages, but I am always saddened by how little he understands and how his pronunciation has faltered. Even the Spanish words he knew as an eighteen month old, he no longer retains. I tell myself that the abilities and ear for it are still in there…should he ever decide to pick it up again. And I’m secretly hoping for an assignment to a Spanish-speaking country soon…so we could do total immersion. Sorry to be a “failure story” but we have not stayed the course. We are living proof of how easy it is to quit swimming up stream and how quickly the children’s abilities reflect our lack of effort. Best of luck to you…I KNOW you can do it! It IS possible. Keep up the good work.

      • pinkibambina says:

        Thanks for the encouragment. I totally understand your story, you are also living in a different country, so there are a lot of languages on the equation. Anyway, the little Spanish you provided your son ( and congrats on your girl) is still there, so it has been not a waste of time at all. Good luck!


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